Sam Warr and project Loves-Life

A photographic journey into gentrification, redevelopment,
the faces & changing face of Deptford.

Behind every new build and developmental rebranding of an already vibrant community, is a sticky little grey area. An unspoken feeling of loss wrapped in an expectant optimism. Sometimes the beauty is in the rubble, sometimes the light shines from the darkest corners. Sam Warr and project loves-life hope to shed some light on a few darken alleyways between two evolving worlds. Between the people and the buildings, there is a little place called Deptford. They hope to Show a side of the redesigned Deptford that can only be seen from the ground not the penthouse.
All that glitters is sold it seems…

Photographer Sam Warr started out as a cycle courier on the Streets of London. Finding inspiration in all the little side streets & alleyways around town. Exploring & Photographing the dirty nooks & crannies of the city. Sam then came back South to capture the ever-changing landscape closer to home; mainly Deptford and Greenwich where he grew up.
Over time the work became familiar, derelict buildings, wasteland and old estates were quickly becoming shiny new high rises, the people were changing along with their surroundings.

“The real South London that I grew up in had begun to morph into unrecognisable blue print. Something about the chaos and imperfection of home is being lost. I wanted to not only show that loss but also never allow the decomposing beauty to be forgotten.”

Project Loves- life is all about being real. On a people level. Capturing the elephant in the room. Through her photographic work which is predominantly driven by a passion for social inclusion, loves-life hopes to open conversation about the need for authenticity and local community involvement in redevelopment. Starting out as an activist & community worker only later to find a passion for the darkness of black & white photography. Loves-life is an active Deptfordairian, community supporter and joint founder of the Deptford People Project. Loves-life hopes to Support the Deptford People Project by donating profits from her art sales to the community kitchen project.

“I believe that photography can allow local people and their existing culture to shine through while redevelopment tries to wallpaper over it”.

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Sam Warr:

M. +44 (0)7795 975163


Lucy Loves-Life