An excellent opportunity to come see the works of local emerging and established artists and browse through hundreds of prints!

Show: 9-19 December 2021
Open: 10am-5pm (*except Monday & Tuesday)
Open Evening: Friday 10th 7-10pm (bar on site!)

This exhibition showcases the works of 40 artists – each with a selection of prints for sale at affordable prices. You’re surely going to find something that catches your eye – or the eye of someone special in your life – perfect gift opportunity! A unique way to cheer someone up and support your local creatives at the same time. Come in on one of our open evenings, grab a friends, a drink and mingle with the artists – this way the venue gets the support it needs!


TO APPLY FOR 2021 – please wait until the announcement in October 2021 to apply. The last three events were a huge success (despite the restrictions in 2020!) and we can’t wait for the next one.


The 2020 line up included the works of:


Emma’s illustrations are inspired by human quirks, a love of food, and things that just make her laugh.


Stefan Alexander is an comic artist, illustrator and Zine maker in the autistic spectrum, he enjoys painting original watercolours and hand drawning postcards and zines.


Her vibrant and textured illustrations are inspired by motifs or symbols from nature which she reimagines in block shapes and candy colours.


Hannah’s work is colourful and playful with elements of collage and texture being a reoccurring theme.


Anoushka’s artwork is inspired by the sea, documenting it’s various inhabitants whilst finding shapes and pattern along the way.


Nikolas endeavours to explore the ties between folklore, spirituality, nature and people whilst exploring the importance of beauty and recognising the beauty in nature


Her work with figurative subjects, exploring the interpretation of symbolic objects, such as, sacred hearts, skulls and spiders, as well as text and numbers.


Georgia’s whimsical and playful work is inspired by places she’s travelled, nature and every day objects.

@l. mac. art

Lottie Mac’s artwork is inspired by the sights and sounds of humanitarian work, the places and people she meets.


Djoïna works with different technics and tools, from ink and painting to digital, colourful and pop to minimalist.


Euan’s ongoing studies in anatomy, identity and natural history play with medium, scale and sequence.

Rebecca Mapplebeck

Rebecca’s inspired by history, the natural world and by colour and pattern.

Lucia creates illustrations mixing realism and surreal elements that reminds of the inner world, in order to create dreamlike images.


Maria’s work explores ways of expressing the self and the mind, using a recognisable overlapping face pattern that has gone on to become a signature of her work.


Hanifah’s works frequently depict cityscapes of iconic landmarks, and they also dabble in abstract art and Arabic lettering.


Emmanuelle’s practice explores themes of connection and isolation of people from others and from their environment.


Louise’s latest work features drawings sketched during online life drawing sessions held during the coronavirus crisis.


Amanda is particularly inspired by people and nature and enjoys drawing portraits and landscapes.


Jess loves experimenting with different materials and can’t stay away from colour bursts!


Chloe’s interest in cityscapes is what drives her work. Line quality and contrast are factors she always works with to describe buildings.


Lettering artist and illustrator Ollie Cooper’s work is bold and playful, providing commentary on subjects such as language, social and environmental issues.


Patricia’s linocuts celebrate life’s seminal moments and new beginnings through her playful and poetic imagination, perpetually submerging the viewer within her own dynamic iconography, her own realm of storytelling. 


Cal Byrne is a primary school teacher. He lives and works in Deptford.


Jenny’s work responds directly to the course of movement in trees, wind and the sea contrasting with the perceived solidity of landmass.


Eloise enjoys playing with pattern and analogy in her work, allowing the decorative to take on a narrative quality.


Wendy’s art is vibrant, free and whimsical. She enjoys exploring how colours interact to create unique patterns and forms to articulate emotions, and illustrate those special moments in her memories.


Bianca has a passion for historical architecture, nature, literature, feminism, quirky objects and travel adventures.


Cìosa’s artwork explores what it means to be human and how we connect with ourselves and each other. 


Chris’s prints investigate the contrast between his daily observations of real life, alongside idealised images and events of ‘urban life’ sold to online.


Frankie is a graphic designer and a zine lover based in SE London. Loving all the darker things in life, colour reference is very important to her in her work.


David loves to tell stories and aims to convey a narrative through a colourful, bold style that expresses character and humour.


Sadhbh nic an Deileadóra is an Irish painter who favours a stark, primary expression, and is both inspired and influenced by her heritage and recent societal volatility. 


Naoko believes that artist’s creative energy is an extremely sensitive and dynamic process, which contacts directly into unconscious.  The work she creates is a direct contact of feelings, unconscious, senses and material itself.


Bruno likes to create strange and silly looking artwork in a style inspired by comic books and cartoons.


Steph Hudson is an artist specialising in detailed pen botanical illustrations. She screen prints original floral drawings to create one off art prints in various colourways.


Anna’s prints are from her series of 16 astrological artworks which reference animal myths and legends of London, mapped out with their corresponding star constellations.


Sally works with time-based processes and alternative printmaking techniques, using pigments in plant dyes and rust, to record periods in time or the status of plants at a particular time.


Julieeta developed a collection of typographic prints that bring together the joy of colour and the strength of a positive message.