Since the pandemic brought in very uncertain times we’ve decided to expand our gallery shop so that we can help and support even more creatives from the local community. Many of them lost their jobs and now have to rely on an income from what used to be their hobby or a side project only. We’re proud to say our mission is successful and many of the makers in store are beyond happy to see their makes being adored by our customers!

Our new shop is constantly evolving and we always try and keep it interesting for our customers. We are proud to be the stockist of so many amazing artists, makers and designers and are always on the look out for the next collaboration. We only take a small percentage of each sale so most of the money goes to the artist/maker and undoubtedly keeps them going and doing what they love.

Shopping here supports the local economy and makes a world of difference to real talented people in your community. It’s a sustainable, eco friendly and most of all, a very unique shopping experience.When you purchase something from a small business, that money is going to an individual (whose day you’re probably making, whose bills you’re paying, whose passion you’re actively supporting) and that money is very likely going back into the community. Give that money to a corporation and, well, it’s certainly not going to have the same effect.

Now more than ever we need to make sure we take care of each other. We’re glad our small business is still surviving and that we can still do our part in bringing locally made arts and crafts to you. Your help doesn’t have to cost you anything, just help spread the word by posting, sharing or telling others about our little oasis on the high street. Thanks to all for your support.

We’re currently working on bringing all that is in our shop to you online so you can shop from the comfort of your home. What this space!