20-30 MAY 2021

Open Evening: Friday 21st May 7-10pm (bar on site)

Please book a table in advance if you’d like to stay for a drink. Rule of 6 + table service. Booking to view the show is not necessary however if at full capacity you’ll be asked to wait your turn. Masks are mandatory. Max 12 people in the gallery at once.


A multimedia exhibition of photography and audio interviews by


As a young woman, Fanny knows the great impact media has on body image and self esteem, and how a lack of representation and diversity fuels eating disorders. As a photographer who uses art to raise awareness of social injustice, she decided to challenge the beauty standards seen in the media. In December 2018 she reached out on Instagram, looking for self identifying women to portray in their bedrooms, wearing underwear they felt comfortable in. This resulted in her spending most weekends in different houses. After speaking with all these girls, she understood how similar our experiences are in terms of our relationship to our bodies, but how stigmatised it is to show vulnerability. The aim with this project is to remove this stigma by starting conversations surrounding the female body. Fanny Beckman also wants to raise awareness of the photographic medium’s responsibility, and how it can be used to prevent, rather than fuel, eating disorders. This ongoing documentary series proves that it is possible to feel confident regardless of body size, sexuality, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

In January 2020 she turned Women of My Generation into a multimedia project. After spending a year documenting and talking to women who share similar experiences in terms of their relationships to their bodies, and their feelings towards media and photographs, Fanny decided to record these stories. Every episode focuses on one particular theme around women’s bodies, such as PCOS, eating disorders, sexual harassment, and more. This is Fanny Beckman’s contribution to challenge old fashioned norms.

Fanny Beckman is a photographer who uses art to raise awareness of social injustice. She was four years old when she got her first camera and ever since, photography has been an important part of her life. She studied Fine Art Photography at Gamleby School of Photography in Sweden. It was during this time she realised how she could combine art and feminism.  

Since 2013, she has freelanced as a photographer, public speaker and writer and has collaborated with various feminist organisations. She has had numerous exhibitions highlighting subjects such as domestic abuse and mental health. For example, she exhibited in the Swedish Parliament in November 2017, at the Brighton Dome in March 2019, and at Gallery Foto Nostrum in Barcelona in October 2019, as one of the winners of the Julia  Margaret Cameron Award.

@feckman | fannybeckman.com | Women of My Generation Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/women-of-my-generation/id1490168759


An immersive experience celebrating the art of screendance, visual art and music.
Saturday 26th June: 18.30 – 22.00
Everyone welcome!

The Evening is an installation of dance film, visual art, and live music. In collaboration with Deptford Does Art, we will be hosting a night exploring the realms of transcendence in art. There will be a programme of films from artists both local and worldwide, as well as an exhibition of photography and visual art. Tickets are available to buy for one of the time slots, at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm. Doors open from 6:30pm, to enjoy the bar on site, live music, and mingling. Tickets are needed to view the film screening, but the bar area is free entry and open for all!

Tickets here!

Instagram: @_the_evening


15-25 JULY 2021

Open Evening: Friday 16th 7-10pm (bar on site)


An extravaganza of narrative, figurative and colourful screen prints and paintings by TOM BERRY & DAVID HORGAN

Tom Berry is an artist and illustrator. He works in various media but his practice is rooted in traditional hand-made techniques, e.g. drawing and painting. His work is motivated by pleasure and sensation. Storytelling and the human form are themes that recur in his work.

Tom is involved in a wide variety of projects which range from the illumination of religious script to the decoration of large fibreglass sculptures. He has illustrated book covers for many publishers, created permanent artworks for the Greenwich Maritime Museum, and is currently completing a series of 19 public artworks that will form an art trail throughout Deptford.

David Horgan is a South London-based artist and illustrator. He loves to tell stories and aim to convey a narrative through a colourful, bold style that expresses character and humour. He builds scenes around figures and integrate symbols that enhance their story. His interest in the immediacy of how one line relates to another and how a composition can spontaneously come together makes him evermore interested in the interplay between words and images.

David’s inspiration comes from an amalgamation of every day life and experience that he witnesses and sees unfold, intermingled with popular culture and iconography. Inspiration can come from anything, be it how he sees someone put down paint or make a mark, some wall paper, literature, poetry, a dress, a tree, an entertaining soundbite, texture or colour. His wife’s dance moves.

David’s process is quite sporadic and he’s learning to embrace the “everythingness” of his practice. Generally all his work begins as drawings produced by hand, and perhaps as a consequence of his previous life as an Architect, is concerned with composition and balance in an image.

Most commonly he’s used print to express his work and transpose drawings into screen prints. He likes the limitation of two colour screen prints and how a third colour is created when the inks overlap and this is something he enjoys playing with. Sometimes he makes it more complex by using more colours, and is currently very much into monoprint! David’s also experimenting a lot with paint, and recently completed his first mural. Watch this space for large scale paintings coming soon.

Tom and David’s artistic pathways crossed when they found themselves printing at the same studio, Sonsoles, in Peckham. 

@tomberryart | tomberryart.co.uk | @davidhorganart | davidhorganart.com

@deptforddoesart | deptforddoesart.com | deptforddoesart@gmail.com


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