We’re very pleased to invite you all to come see ‘X MARKS THE SPOT’, a printmaking showcase of the works of 18 artists, as part of DEPTFORD X FRINGE FESTIVAL 2022. 

Show: 16-30 September 2022

Opening: Saturday 17th 5-8pm

Open: Wednesday to Sunday 10am-5pm

All artwork is for sale so come browse the prints and support your local artists! 

The showcase includes the following artists:

ALISON HUI is an illustrator and artist from Hong Kong, she renders her city-inspired observation in vivid and delightful details with vibrant colours on paper. Alison is a city observer, she uses lines, watercolour, markers to record and express her interpretation of city landscape and culture in her artworks. 

alisonhuiah.com  FB/IG  @A.H.inkpen @ah.kunstwerk 

SONIA VICO loves playing with words, creating prints and books out of materials that she finds, and making things by hand.

 IG: @_soniavico

SARAH CAPEL is an artist and researcher with an interdisciplinary practice spanning the studio and work in the community. She is currently undertaking a PhD with the University of Coventry’s Centre for Arts, 

Memory and Communities to further develop her practice. Sarah’s practice uses printmaking methods. She predominantly makes woodcut prints but also incorporates other printmaking techniques and embroidery into her work.

Sarah’s work is concerned with the embodiment of women’s identities and memories in their creative work. She takes inspiration from work with women in the community, many of whom have experienced trauma in their lives, and from her interest in historical examples of women’s creative expressions of identity. Sarah has found natural links between the type of marks she makes – her use of positive and negative space, close-ups and blow-ups, repetitive and hidden imagery – and stories of isolation fear, pain, uncertainty and loss. 

www.sarahcapelprinting.co.uk IG: @sarahcapelprinting

ANNA MAYS is an artist from Dublin currently based in London. She studied Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and graduated in 2020. She has a multi-media practice that explores the human body through both visual and tactile processes. Her work often involves assemblage and installation, informed by her background and interest in Printmaking.

Within her practise Anna aims to communicate ideas around the synthetic and transformational body. This includes the modern perception of the human body in western society and feelings of disassociation from our raw and emotional selves. She explores the human body through the themes of touch and fragmentation, and the lost connection with our natural selves at a time of rapidly advancing science and technology. 

 www.annamays.org IG: @nnamays 

DANI&TING (Daniela Zaharieva & Yi Ting Liong) are a creative duo whose work focuses on bringing the experimental and the traditional together. All whilst pushing the boundaries of what is considered the norm. The creative duo come from different backgrounds, which works as a catalyst in creating something new and unexpected. Daniela’s experience lies in experimental film, and Yi Ting has roots in graphic design, bringing their expertise together to create new forms of digital art.  

daniandting.com IG: @daniandting

AUTUMN BELLA DESIGNS are a range of prints illustrated by Amy Worley. All illustrations are initially hand drawn in pencil & painted in watercolour. Each drawing involves a lot of shading, line work and attention to detail. These are then put together digitally with each individual illustration being combined to create the final design. Many Autumn Bella Designs have a celestial theme, with nature, music and anatomy being other influences and sources of reference.

www.autumnbelladesigns.co.uk IG: @autumnbelladesigns

NONSUCH ART (Kristina Sinclair) is based in Croydon and has been making work in numerous disciplines since graduating in 2009. Producing prints based on her love for exploring the natural world and all its facets. She loves the expression of mark, the impact of pressure and intensity of design. Exploring the duality of precise and labour intense carving of Lino and the fluidity of water.

IG: @nonsuch_art

JOY CLIFTON is an artist whose central concern is with colour, light, movement, perspective and space. Her deep passion for the sea and the environment resonates within her uplifting seascapes. She celebrates the natural ocean environment, the pleasure and soulfulness that the sea gives us. 

Joy Clifton captures the fluidity of the ocean realm focusing on the movement of water, the abstraction of light and the sea creatures that inhabit this realm. She experiments with the ever-changing state of the ocean, the ebb and flow of the tide, the intense and subtle colours the weather creates on and through the water.  Joy experiments with different viewpoints from an aerial view, in the curl of the wave, below the surface and diving into the underwater world. In her work there is an echo of conservation and she addresses current issues that are affecting the natural world. Joy Clifton creates her mono prints through layers printing, mark making with found objects from the beach and textures to keep her work fresh. She uses the natural flow of the paint to create her swirling sea textures and then builds up layering textures through her impressionistic style to create depth. 

www.joycliftonuk.com IG: @joycliftonuk

USVA INEI is a queer, non-binary visual and performance artist. Usva primarily works through mixed media installations, with printmaking being a central element of their practice. Their work is critical, political, and feminist, mainly working with topics of lived experiences of immigration and queerness. Usva is a Finnish-born Russian immigrant, currently based in London, UK.

 www.usvainei.com IG: @usva.inei

ROSIE ZIELINSKI’s work is born out of analogue photographs which examine the notions of visual distortion, which are then subsequently further distorted and degraded through various printmaking processes.  

Rosie studied a Masters in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts in 2020. She is currently studying a practice-based PhD in Fine Art at the University of Northampton where she works part-time as a Printmaking Technician.

rosie-zielinski.co.uk IG: @rosiezielinski

ELLA MASON is an up and coming contemporary artist celebrating the female form and self love across all genders. Her work is inspired by the stigma around women’s bodies and the harsh standards they are held to. The aim of her work is to create a safe space, where women can feel comfortable within their skin. Ella works with print and paint primarily focusing on the female body, and also with larger abstract pieces, aiming to create work to inspire serene positivity. 

 www.ellamasonart.com IG: @ella_mason_art TikTok: ella_mason_art_

ALICE CAMPOS is a British artist (b.1998), based in Peckham South East London, she graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2019 holding a First Class Degree in BA (hons) Fine Art. Campos’s practice gathers the disciplines of alternative analogue and cameraless photography, moving image, sound, sculpture and writing. Her photographic practice is represented by Open Doors Gallery and Start Art Global. In 2021 she was awarded GUP Fresh Eyes Talent, for the 100 greatest emerging European Photographers. 

Bouncing between sustainability within the darkroom, fictitious romanticism, scientific molecular technology and spiritual energies, Campos’s current research considers ideas of an artist’s fantasy, factual nature and phantastical spirituality. The act of fixing a print holds the molecular weight of past dying waste photographs, resin sucked through Mushroom veins and shards of Rosemary photographic blood. The molecular weight brings the fantastical to the photographic print alongside the Rosemary photographic blood blushing through it. Campos’s current research uncovers a deeper analysis of sustainability, recycling in the form of both the factual and the spiritual, fictional and phantastic life cycle. The sublime feeling of romanticism and grotesque intrigue gives perception of obsession and dreamlike states of mind, repeating and existing within our physical space through its birth from the darkroom. Liquid Emulsions, Chemigrams and Solarised photographic prints form the stages of birth, in between and final degradation of collapse. Liquid Emulsions give presence to the birth of liquid light, whilst Solarisation separates and slices in betweenness, visible when you move with the print and finally Chemigrams made from dying Mushrooms. 

 alicecampos.co.uk IG: @alicecampos_z

KATY HERBERT is a predominantly self-taught artist and printmaker, originally from Wales, now based in Bermondsey. Katy creates limited edition screenprints, unique monoprints and collages with hand-printed papers. Katy uses drawn or painted stencils to embrace the ‘imperfections’ of a hand-created process, and will often embellish works with other mediums such as spray paint.

www.katyherbert.co.uk IG: @katyherbert_art

EMMANUELLE ORR is a French Printmaker and Artist based in London and Paris.  She moved to London 25 years ago with a Visual Arts degree, but it isn’t until years later that the desire to create became vital and she started focussing her attention on printmaking, working across techniques ranging from screenprinting to risographs and cyanotypes. Her work has been exhibited in the UK (London, Bath, Glastonbury, Doncaster) and France (Paris). 

 Her practice sets out to represent the liminal moments and in-between spaces of our world: Fleeting connections, solitary performances, abandoned places, nocturnal lives… I try to capture the vulnerability of our lives and to invite the viewer in to explore them. Her images slide and disappear, somewhere between the real and the unreal, the mundane and the uncanny, the figurative and the abstraction. 

 www.emmanuelleorr.com IG: @emmanuelle_orr

LATER AGO, aka Gemma Whittel,  draws inspiration from a wealth of real-world experiences, with a vision and passion engrained in travel and exploration.

Working in the mediums of cyanotype, screenprint, photography and graphic design, Later Ago digitally manipulates and layers her own photographs, creating graphic and abstract images for her hand-printed work. The process combines traditional photographic techniques with the more contemporary digital manipulation. Due to the nature of the hand printing cyanotype process, there is always an element of surprise, making each print unique.

IG: @later_ago

CLAIRE LEWIS is a Designer, Illustrator and Screenprinter based in Deptford, London. Her works are inspired by Food and Flowers, the two things that bring her the most joy and are designed in a bright, two colour format. All prints are illustrated and hand screenprinted in the local area. Screenprinting is a technique used that works by exposing artwork onto a mesh to create a stencil and hand pulling the ink through onto paper. Due to the nature of this process, every print is unique.

IG: @clairelewisdesign 

LARA GALLAGHER is a French/British artist who, after following an international education in the South of France, moved to London to pursue her studies in Visual Communication. Elements of this can been seen through her use of hard edged lines and bold designs. She has been based in the city ever since and has showcased her work in various galleries in the UK and Europe. She most recently had work on display at Galeria Nueva in Madrid, as part of a all female group show, and a solo show at Stour Galleries in London. Her work is influenced by her interest in exoteric sciences such as psychology and neuroscience, as well as the esoteric sciences such as astrotheology and witchcraft.

 The ink drawings focus on examining the excess and/or lack of inner and outer limitations of life. It looks at one’s need for freedom, whether it be through the material or the immaterial, opulence or austerity, pleasure or deprivation. Through this scope, a wide variety of themes are explored : division vs union, individual vs group, life vs death, nature vs nurture, masculine vs feminine, cause vs consequence. Living in a binary world everything exists according to its opposite and numerous questions arise. How do we define one without the other? How do we identify which is which? Are they individual or embedded into each other?

 www.laragallagher.org IG: @laragallagherart

MR TRACTOR INSPECTOR is an aspiring but unsuccessful artist drawing monochromatic comics and occasionally getting involved in secret street art projects. Most of his art is open to interpretation.

 IG @mr.tractor_inspector_


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