Show: 19-22 September 2019

Finissage: Saturday 21 September 7-10pm 

Taking inspiration from the antique designs used in the religious festivals of light, called ‘festa di luminarie’ in southern Italy, illumina  has created a series of illuminated  pieces that for the first time have the chance to shine outside of the rural landscape of Italy. After years spent admiring the spectacle of light festivals in his small local adopted town in the heel of the Italian boot, he decided to learn how they were made so he could make some for his home. “A friend gave me a piece, so I brought it back to London and put it on my wall. It just seemed to fit so well. The small ‘cut out’ section and the light it provided took on a new life once seen its own.  I particularly liked the classic gothic shapes and religious icons and wanted to see how they would look in a more modern, urban environment. I could see them being versatile enough so they could be used for the home or garden, but also scaleable for use at a venue or a an event. We’ve even taken one camping.” 

Not just satisfied with sticking to tradition illumina went on to create a series of figurative works using the same fittings, adapted to the more urban streets of south east London, his native landscape.  The Victim series are shrines that highlight some of the tragic signs of our times. Each is a dedicated memorial to a person who has perished on the streets of modern Britain – largely as a result of diminishing resources and safe spaces available to the poor and vulnerable. They deal with the issues of knife crime and homelessness. One particular local case shocked him into creating the Victim series. “I discovered that a homeless man in his forties had died in the old red phone box at the end of my road – which had been converted into a children’s library often used by my two children. We were horrified when we saw the police tape over the phone box. Months later it was still there – this man had been forgotten.” These lights are a memorial to him, and to other street victims, both forgotten and remembered. To see more images from the series visit:

illumina is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. After studying an MA at the RCA and working in the film and design world  in London  he  moved to  Puglia and fell in love with its relatively unknown tradition of religious festival lighting. Over the course of the 5  years he found out who made them and how they were made.   Now he also makes them, adapted for internal and external urban spaces. illumina also has partners in Puglia who sell both old and new pieces, large and small, and create large bespoke lighting for events or restored original one-off  sections for the home or garden. | | IG: @illuminalights



‘Exhaustion and Exuberance’, 

a group exhibition by print-making artists: 

Bodie Stanley, Claudia Regueiro, Julia Marco Campmany, Raquel Martínez, Julia R. Gallego, Martaladro, Altea Grau, Pete Kozowicz, Jade They, Pierre-Antoine Martin, Lorenzo Davitti, Emily Hana, Bobby Patmore.

Show: 26-29 September 2019

Launch night: Friday 27 September 7-10pm

This exhibition presents a heterogeneous sample of contemporary printmaking practice by a group of artists brought together by their shared dedication to the medium. The works showcased have been developed in the same studio, a common space that has encouraged the exchange of ideas and an awareness of each other’s practice, enriching our individual approaches. These circumstances of making side-by-side underline the dialogue and diversity across our work, our particular uses of the language of print com- prising a ‘syntax of the print’, like a collection of voices speaking in the same tongue.

Our professional involvement in the world of contemporary editions and our experience with the vast array of printmaking techniques has enabled us to develop individual visual discourses that explore the nature of print in the digital age. In the face of digital repro- duction we choose to put printmaking at the center of our practice, engaging with tradi- tional methods as well as exploring what new technologies can bring to the field, such as photosensitive materials and the photographic image.

The proliferation and bombardment of the instantaneous digital image today stands in stark contrast with the textile qualities, the craftsmanship and the physical materiality of the original print. As artist printmakers we share a passion for technical experimentation, exploring the boundaries of printmaking and the possibilities that the multiple work on paper has to offer.

This exhibition aims to reflect on the printed matter in its own right, expanding and com- bining the traditional with new technologies, the figurative and the abstract; it showcases a broad range of techniques including woodblock, lithography, etching, screenprinting, monoprint and photopolymer.

The title for this show has been taken from Jan Verwoert’s Exhaustion and Exhuber- ance: Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform, and emphasizes the doubling of our lives as artists and printers. We simultaneously embody the intensive labour involved in the production of the multiple artwork, and the sheer enjoyment of making for ourselves.



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