Deptford does Art presents ‘Drawn on Real Life’, an exhibition of reportage drawing from Tim King’s 365-day project.

Show: 22 February – 3 March 2019

Private View: Friday 22 February 6-10pm

Artist talk: Saturday 2 March 7pm

About the show:

Many would describe 2018 as a year of extremes. We had the beast from the east, the hottest summer in decades, surprise world cup success, soaring crime rates, rising homelessness, personal data breaches and major moments in politics. But, what did 2018 feel like on an everyday level? Tim King’s daily drawings show us how.

Each day, Tim made time to observe, experience and draw everyday situations on the spot, from the mundane to the magnificent. Using reportage illustration, Tim captured the attitudes, opinions and atmosphere of daily life. Drawn using a variety of materials ranging from scraps of paper to leaves and sea shells, what these images have in common is the ability to communicate personal stories.

By doing one drawing a day, a year long visual narrative is created. ‘Drawn On Real Life’ recalls not how history remembers last year, but how we lived it.

This is the everyday story of 2018.

All welcome. 

Instagram: @timrking



Graphic novel drawings and graphic illustrations by Ellie Petrova and S.J.Wyatt

Show: 6 – 10 February 2019

Launch night: Friday 8 February 7-11pm

Touching Utopia is about ways of using escapism through creating worlds and society outside the current drab existence.. Both artists a are interested in fantasy and sci fiction and telling a story through images. However they both have very different approaches to this. While Ellie Petrova creates positive utopia free from human destruction S.J Wyattfocuses on the disintegration of human social interaction.

Ellie Petrova uses digital imagery to create a l menagerie offantastical beasts in bold colours as well as in black and white. Her background in animation gives a sense of movement in her work. The creatures are captured mid action and the viewer are given a sense of intruding on to a private world untainted by humans.

S.J Wyatt is using the title ironically. She is classically trained fine artist and writer who decided to use comic and graphic novel methods to tell stories of what happens when society breaks down. Her work is from individual struggles such as “Harry and the Hampsters “which looks at a woman’s struggle with Bi Polar, and looks at what if instead of an illness Bipolar was a person, a very annoying person and a larger scale stories of a dystopian rain-soaked world where all forms of physicial contact outside marriage is banned.


Ellie is a digital artist who is currently a Senior Animation Designer with a passion for character design. She likes to experiment with different styles and create fantastical anthropomorphic creatures with the use of expressive line work and lively colours.

S.J Wyatt

Has been drawing and painting  since completing her  M.A in fine art at  Reading University  30 years ago. Her style is influenced by the expressionist movement using colour and form to tell the emotions behind the story.

She has exhibited in London ,Poland and China. She also has been a play write for ten years writing social political plays which have performed  as part of the London festival as well at the Bloomsbury theatre.

More recently she has been interested in telling stories through graphic novels and comics. She has collaborated on a comic called Volume XXX as well as a number of short stories. She has just finished a graphic novel called Touch.


Ellie Petrova :Instagram ellieprova30

S.J .Wyatt  : Instagram s.j.wyatt