Featuring works from inmates at HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS alongside work by ERIKA FLOWERS.

Show: 7-10 November 2019

Launch night: Friday 8th November 7-10pm

In Conversation: Sunday 10th November 1.30-4pm

We invite you to hear the specialists and join in discussion on prison, masculinity and dance as a rehabilitation tool. Please boo your space via Eventbrite – limited spaces.


Dance artist Helena Webb started researching dance in UK prisons in 2018, this exhibition is the culmination of the first edition of Dance Club, a dance and choreography course run at HMP Wormwood Scrubs.

Dance Club endeavours to create a space for incarcerated men to improve communication skills, express themselves creatively and challenge negative masculine behaviours prevalent in prisons. Over 8 weeks Helena and co-facilitator Marc Stevenson have danced with a group of men currently incarcerated at Wormwood Scrubs and accessing the mental health provision there. The group have danced energetically, calmly, sensitively and with abandon. They have recorded their dances through drawn scores and audio descriptions.

The work from Dance Club is joined by pieces by artist Erika Flowers who has lived experience of the criminal justice system. Documenting her journey through bail, custody and release with Postcards from Prison.

On Sunday 10th November we invite you to hear from Erika and others talk about prison, masculinity/ vulnerability and dance as a rehabilitation tool. And have a broader conversation about how prisons, dance, rehabilitation, men, vulnerability and patriarchy interlink. There will be tea and cake.

Dance Club at Scrubs is supported by Arts Council England and Barnet, Enfield & Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust.

Helena is a London based choreographer, performer, facilitator and rehearsal director. She works to make injustices visible, relatable and changeable. Currently Helena is interested in finding ways of undoing repressive masculinity; creating environments for men to move together, express themselves and dismantle performed layers of destructive maleness. She likes simple, striking images, huge buoyant moments transforming into something more demanding and true stories told by the people who experience them.               @helenarwebb

In 2014 Erika was sentenced to 6 years for a non-violent crime for which she served 3 years in custody. She wanted to document her experience for posterity; the way that she chose to do this was to produce an epic visual Postcard Diary that consists of at least 1400 drawings, one drawing every day from 3 months into her 6 months’ time on bail prior to sentencing, during the whole period of incarceration and also following her release. @postcardsfromprisondiary



A group exhibition by artists




Show: 14-17 November 2019

Launch night: Friday 15 November 7-10pm 


The artists in this show are all students at present, and have come together in creative communion resulting from experience of magic in some of its diverse forms, and in the celebration of mysticism even beyond witchcraft as one might imagine it. 

Magic as an appreciation of nature and our interconnectivity is still prominent, but also carries another special meaning in 2019 – the practise of embracing identity as a queer or marginalised person is arguably an act of witchcraft; the choice to believe the inner pull towards the things that enrich our lives is still a radical act and for some, aligns the self with the figure of the witch from ancestry past. 

Exploring themes ranging from sex, queerness and escapism to darker concepts of abuse and processes of healing, the work in this show has an energy of nowness, of what it means to create community and understand and support ourselves. 

Some of the work in the show responds to academic and art-world constructs such as Utopianism and Xenofeminism, and the artists are directly inspired by current political and environmental movements such as Body Positivity and XR (Extinction Rebellion).

Nancy Violet Jolene – @nancyvioletart and @nancyvioletjolene 

Sarah Bradshaw – @artbyseb138 

James Williams – 

Ellen Clarke-Quy – @_svveetpea_ 

Holly Rowley – @inertiapocalypse

Sarah Sarshar – @sara.sarshar_ 

Molly Rafferty – @m.olly.r.afferty 

Roo Gehring – @nectaroon and @pleasedecyst

Picture credit: Sarah Sarshar


An exhibition of the artwork & processes behind the graphic novel by LUCY SULLIVAN.

Show: 21-24 November 2019 

Launch night: Friday 22 November 7-10pm 

Workshop: Sunday 24th 2-4pm – Creating graphic narratives from personal experience, Crowdfunding, Self-Publishing with Author/Artist Lucy Sullivan. Free. Please book your space via Eventbrite – limited numbers.


Barking the graphic novel is based on a personal and anecdotal experience of a mental health crisis. Told through artwork that brings a new angle to the genre by experimenting with styles and traditional formats and utilising Sullivan’s artistic background in animation and observational drawing to widen the concept of what comics can encompass. The story, developed by combining honest accounts with research, is a fictionalised narrative exploring the stigma around mental illness, the complicated nature of grief and reflecting on the wider social impacts of how we view and treat a crisis we cannot see. 

The exhibition will comprise of original artwork from the varied processes involved in creating a graphic novel from personal experience. Including additional works created as part of successfully crowdfunding the printed work and the stages involved in developing an artistic style that portrays the urgent, internal struggles of mental illness.

Barking is intended not only as a story but a way of opening up a conversation around grief and mental health. The exhibition will include an interactive piece #BarkItOut inviting visitors to contribute their life experiences. Opening up a conversation to further the discussion and help to reduce ongoing stigma. 

Lucy has a BA(Hons) in Illustration/Animation from Kingston School of Art. She has co-directed & animated Music Videos and created Pre-Visuals for Film & TV. Her comics work includes commissions form Dark Horse Comics, contributing as Writer/Artist to Black Crown’s Hey, Amateur! Anthology & self-published 1in4Zines, included in the Wellcome Library Zines Catalogue. Barking & the exhibition is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The graphic novel is co-commissioned by the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival and published by Unbound. | | 

@LucySullivanUK | @unbounders | @deptforddoesart


Date: ​November 27 & 28th 2019

The new Juice is released only weeks after a 10-month journey that took us way out of our comfort zones. Creating a publication while living in a different continent made us feel like aliens at times, but most of all brought us the realisation that a zine is a manifestation of what makes us tick. It’s a universe composed of the worlds that each person who collaborates with us carries within.

Number seven is our earnest effort to document those worlds.

To bring the worlds to you, we’re launching our new zine with a two-day event jam-packed with activities.

On Wednesday 27th November we kick things off with the opening of Other Worlds – an illustration group show where nine UK-based artists display their widely diverse interpretations of our zine’s theme. Expect brand new zines, good music and great art.

For the second day, we’ve put together an affordable zine editorial workshop – an afternoon crash course in modern zine-making and its tools of the trade – and an eclectic live music showcase with three talented acts that have released some our favourite music from this year.

Launch is free entry but if you RSVP you’ll get £1 off the zine final price if you purchase during the event.




Zine Editorial: From Idea to InDesign

Date:​ Thursday, November 28th, 2019 Time:​ 14:00 – 18:00

Location:​ Deptford Does Art

Price:​ £15.00


Fanzines have come a long way since their cut-paste+photocopy punk origins. Having taken crucial space in mainstream culture in recent years as both vehicles of untainted artistic expression and artefacts of cutting-edge publishing, the accessible yet boundless nature of zines makes them arguably today’s most exciting means of putting ideas out in the world.

“Ok, sounds cool. I want to make a zine. But I want it to look snazzy, you know, like a magazine, and I want to get other people involved! How do I put that together?”

This 4-hour workshop is a crash course in modern zine-making and its tools of the trade. You’ll dive right into different types of publications, understand writer-editor dynamics, break down graphic design notions, utilise project management skills and ultimately get a visual on the different tools involved in the process of bringing a fanzine to life. All of this without losing sight of the DIY ethos that makes zines different from traditional media.

Behind the workshop is Emanuel Matos, aka Ema, the main driving force behind The Juice Fanzine and the record label & publisher Juicy Records. A one-stop-shop for everything zine related, he acts as The Juice’s Editor-in-Chief, Art Director and Designer and occasionally writes for other publications.


Understanding what is a zine, the role of the editor and knowing the basics of creating a publication using professional tools and methods.


14:00 – 14:45 – Introduction: different types of zines, choosing your frequency, illustration or photography-oriented, how to set the tone/theme, understanding your audience – who do you write for?

14:45 – 15:00 – Editorial: what is it, how does it apply to a zine?

15:00 – 16:00 – Collaboration: coming up with an index, project management tools (spreadsheets, checklists, google docs), liaising with writers and artists, how to set deadlines and push for the right content

16:00 – 16:15 – Break

16:30 – 17:30 – Designing & Printing: InDesign (setting up master page, bleeds, paragraph styles, GREP queries, orphans & widows), the importance of proofreading, printer basics (matt or glossy, importance of lamination/varnish, paper quality & gsm)

17:30 – 18:00 – Questions / Closing


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Submissions for our ILLUSTRATION + PRINT OPEN 2019 that takes places in Deptford does Art Gallery between 13 – 22 December 2019 are now open!

Launch night Thursday 12th  December 7-11pm with music and booze!

Everyone is welcomed, £10 to enter – all submissions will be accepted.

Two unframed works per artist for show  (A3 and smaller – to hang on wall)  & a selection of up to 20 prints for sale at 35% commission (various designs for print rack) 

Clothing, homeware & anything printed goes too – just send an email to enquire!

Please submit via Eventbrite and then send us an email Subject: PRINT OPEN (with your ticket attached) and a short bio/blurb + your website/social media links so we can promote you the best we can!


Deadline: 8th December 6pm.

We will send you details regarding drop offs etc. after receiving your submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!


For full list of events please visit our Facebook Events Page.

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