a comic book launch and exhibition by artist


Show: 19-29 July 

PV: Saturday 7-10pm

Reading session: Sunday 29th 4pm

Daniel Christie has been making music under the stage-name MiliDee for years, until he turned to his talent for art and drawing. Daniel was born in the 90s to a single Rastafarian Mother, in London. But due to unforeseen circumstances he was then raised in Coventry by his Christian Jamaican Grandparents and 6 Uncles. Daniel absorbed a wealth of experiences and stories from a wide plethora of characters to draw from on top of his own and this shines through in his latest project, a graphic novel called The Mystical Legend Of Eagle-Ras.

 The Mystical Legend of Eagle-Ras is a Black British superhero origin (possibly the first of it’s kind. Daniel injects sci-fi,  and afrofuturism into real and relatable human situations. It is a study of the British Afro-Caribbean community from Daniel’s intense perspective. 

 Daniel was heavily inspired by Dutch Director Paul Verhoven’s work on the Original Robocop movie, and the Uk’s very own Judge Dredd comic books. On the surface of Eagle-Ras there is a violent crime story, but in subtext he tackles themes like youth gang culture, crime and its affect on the community, internal family problems, mental health, and spirituality. You also get to see a great deal of love, and positivity, you will be introduced to characters of all ages, you will see diversity in a predominantly Afro-Caribbean community. On-top of all that you have ancient African Gods, Angels and Demons fighting over the fate of humanity.

 Daniel was inspired to build a world like Eastenders, Crash, or The Simpsons around his central character, and have every situation and character pushing the story to the climax. 

 Daniel is self-publishing his novel, it is the first title to be released from his own publishing company OLDB Comics, just one branch of his developing OLDB Business. He hopes to make films one day, and graduated from Kingston University last year after studying Drama and Media. He raps, he acts, he records his own documentary footage. 

 Daniel has been working on his novel for 6 years, he hand draws each page with great attention to detail like a cartoonist, then he scans the black and white images and carefully colours them digitally. He is inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s animated movie Akira in particular. He will be exhibiting paintings, prototype products and large poster prints from his graphic novel at the Eagle-Ras Fully Active exhibition! Plus Daniel’s Original Lionheart Diehard Aparel will also be for sale throughout the exhibition. 

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a comic book launch and exhibition by Wallis Eates, 

featuring Double Jab Amateur Boxing Club

Show: 16 – 31 August

PV: Thursday 16 August 18:30 – 21:30

Double Jab does Art launches an original comic book by Wallis Eates, a local comic artist, based on her residency at Double Jab Amateur Boxing Club. Wallis immersed herself in the life of the club, interviewing boxers and trainers, while drawing the movement and rhythm of boxing.

In this comic, Wallis captures the stories of the boxers who train in the club, casting them as the hero of their own story. The comic documents their lives and why they use the club: ranging from personal history to academic study. The resulting comic explores issues around gender, personal development and the importance of a community setting, offering real stories behind the club’s motto ‘Jab Don’t Stab’. She shows the crucial role boxing has played in her subjects’ lives. The stories are told in their own words, and illustrated in a comics format with additional observational drawings. 

VDouble Jab Amateur Boxing Club has been a fixture of the community in New Cross and Deptford since it was established in 2013. The coaching provided by the team of trainers goes beyond boxing. It teaches discipline, respect and commitment to young people, giving them the moral foundations to tackle all that life will throw their way. It is a wholly inclusive community, welcoming men, women, boys and girls, from all backgrounds, who want to train and learn to box.

Wallis is a London coordinator of Laydeez do Comics, an international, women-led graphic novel forum that meets every month (www.laydeezdocomics.com).

Her recent work with brain injury survivors, Like an Orange, will be published through Unbound Books. It is currently crowdfunding at www.unbound.com/books/like-an-orange.

Wallis was also included in the touring exhibition The Inking Woman, curated by Cath Tate and Nicola Streeten, and her work was published in a book of the same title. Her next work, through the South London Arts Collective, is on the theme of mental health. She is a practitioner with Stretch, a charity which delivers art projects with prisoners, ex-prisoners, the homeless, mental health groups and young people in care. She uses collaborative, therapeutic art activities to create her work, finding subjects who have faced challenges.

www.walliseates.wixsite.com/walliseates – T/I: (@WallisEates).

www.doublejabboxing.com  – Instagram (@doublejabboxingclub)