a fundraiser exhibition of photography by

12-22 April 2018

TALK + Q&A with founders of NERF: Thursday 19 April 7pm

This exhibition looks at the lives and communities of earthquake affected Nepalis and the work being done by local and foreign NGO’s. Three years after the earthquake there are still many villages without proper shelter or running water.The work NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY FUND are doing is ongoing, not only rebuilding but educating and empowering Nepalis for the future.

In November last year, I spent three weeks in Nepal with NERF. During my time Iwould meet local NGO’s and travel to the communities the charity are working with. Myself and other volunteers raised money to fund the construction of a water tank to a village with no prior access to clean water. Guided by locals and NERF trustees we would trek across the mountains, visiting areas of previous aid projects and planned ones.”

These images look not only at the beauty of the land, but the people and the way we, as volunteers, fundraisers or compassionate onlookers can help and the direct impact of aid.
25% of proceeds will go to NERF to continue funding their projects, their progress can be followed on their website

The people of Nepal are still suffering the effects of a severe humanitarian crisis following the earthquake of 25 April 2015. They need permanent shelters, supplies, and a path to restoring their lives. The ongoing political issues only exacerbate the nascent threats to the most vulnerable. We aim to help facilitate their recovery through the funding and implementation of efficient projects adhering to our values of transparency, accountability, kindness, collaboration, interaction, and grass roots engagement. NERF is now raising the funds needed to deliver recovery programs through our events, social media platforms and by approaching donors with collaborative programs designed with Nepalis, for Nepalis.