Show: 28 – 31 October 2021
Open Evening: Friday 29th Oct 7-10pm with Live Performance by Alberto Maggini and Soyeon Kim @zzoyony
Alberto Maggini’s ‘Diva’s Boudoir’ presents an installation consisting of paintings, ceramics and found materials, creating a space where fallacy and reality flirt, merge and clash. ‘Diva’s Boudoir’ sets the stage for uninterrupted transformation and liberation from the claustrophobic claws of patriarchal society. Drawing on the practice of disidentification; a queer critical investigation on identity, and with a background in biology and botany, Maggini explores the healing power of metamorphosis by scrambling the notions of gender, sexuality and the human form to rethink their encoded meanings. ‘Diva’s Boudoir’ desires to reveal the fluidity of identities using bold, bright and playful motifs inspired by colours and patterns present in the natural world.
Curated by MOKD
Maria Figueroa Andrade @mariafigand
Olivia Bright @bean_blankies
Katherine Borchsenius @katherineborchsenius
Dominique Nok @dominiquenok


Exhibition of works by MARIA PARK

Show: 4 -7 November

Open Evening: Friday 3rd 7-10pm (bar on site)

Live Painting Demonstration: Sunday 7th 2-3.30pm

Open: Thursday to Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm

Maria Park’s first solo show, ‘All That Has Come Before Watches Over you’ showcases a range of pieces which really capture Park as an artist and give the viewer a glimpse into how it feels in her mind whilst creating.

‘All That Has Come Before Watches Over You’ describes many things; it is the primal feeling of working with raw materials just like ancient humans did when painting the first cave paintings or sculpting the first bowls. It is the feeling of one human spending their life creating their own work. It is a drive all humans have to create and express themselves. And all the work to come from this creativity exists now, and existed then, watching over you. Park invites you to come and view her small way of expressing that in her lifetime.

Maria Park is a London-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work explores ways of expressing the self and the mind, using a recognisable overlapping face pattern that has gone on to become a signature of her work. With an interest in many art forms, ranging from painting and print work to ceramics and jewellery making, her unmistakable designs can be seen on a blend of functional and traditional artwork.



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