Deptford does Art & Blue Bee Gallery present ‘How do I fit into this whole thing?’, an exhibition of works by two emerging artists, Stefan Finsinger and Andy Avedano. 

Show: 20-23 June

Launch night: Friday 21 June 7-10pm

Artist Talk & Charity Event 22 June  7-10pm


Life is beautiful. But is it? And how do we fit into this whole thing?

The new show at Deptford Does Art, in conjunction with Blue Bee Gallery, features the artwork of two emerging artists. Stefan Finsinger and Angy Avendano artwork reflect on how they fit into society but with different feelings of melancholy and feistiness.

Stefan Finsinger, an abstract artist, lives and works in SE16 London. Stefan’s work has a melancholy feel as his artwork is a reflection on the monotone pattern of life. Is it beautiful and comforting or ugly and depressing? Are glimpses of another life a reality or are they a mass fabricated, attention seeking universes of promotional marketing material? Can we trust the greener grass or shall we be happy with the gentle supporting, perhaps overlooked wings which span over us?

Angy Avendano, a feminist artist, lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She comes from a feistier side and reflects on her role as a woman in society. How does she perceive herself and how do others perceive her? What are her aspirations and how do others evaluate them. Women can be presidents. Women can fly to the moon. Women can reinvent technology and science. But are they expected to? Will they still have to fight the prejudices of socities first, smash glass ceilings before they can start focusing on a career?

Both artists work with monochrome paintings on a colourful background. Fine liner hand painted, digitalised and edited to perfection. All artwork is available as limited edition giclée printed on German Etching Paper in A2 size. Both artists have been producing art for a while. But, only recently curator and gallerist Jean Mora discovered them and started to represent them at Blue Bee Gallery.


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Angy Avendaño: Instagram: @AngyAvendanomtrk




How are feminism and vegetarianism intertwined? 

To be a woman is it to be the same as a pack of meat consumed at a Sunday roast dinner? 

Inspired by Carol J Adam’s 1990 book, ‘Sexual Politics of Meat’, Karen Ftouni, Angelika May and Oscar Cannon explore the unavoidable linkage of femininity and meat consumption in a world where burgers are sold through sex and those are ‘othered’ due to their racial and gender identity.

Through mediums of photography, moving image and drama, Deptford Does Art will be turned into a visual performance answering questions to an issue we have become so normalized to. Through ‘othering animals, are we teaching generations that it is appropriate to other humans, especially those in disadvantaged situations? And what is a process, if there is, to break this down?

Open from 12pm to 10pm on the 25th of June with a DJ and Bar open from 7.30pm to 10pm. *FREE EVENT – DRINKS NOT INCLUDED* 

Live performances will be from 4pm to 7pm (every 45 minutes for 15 minutes)


Deptford does Art presents ‘PIECE BY PIECE’, a contemporary mosaic exhibition by local artist Laura Symes. 

Show: 27-30 June 2019

Launch night: Friday 28 June 7-10pm

The theme of Laura’s first solo mosaic exhibition is climate change, social change and the movement of people. 

Mosaic is a tactile and robust medium, although there are always certain practical constraints when designing or working on a commission. Laura relishes the challenges and has a good eye for composition and harmony. Colour and texture are probably the main preoccupations of this artist and both are important in mosaic work. The juxtaposition of textures adds to the visual interest. Often ceramics, glass, metal, fabric, paper or found objects are incorporated into Laura’s work, as well as traditional square tesserae.

The cutting and laying down of tiles piece by piece in a mosaic can be a slow process. Laura says that it gives her time to think and make connections and the work can evolve with her mental flow. She is hopeful that the end result will resonate with the viewer.


Laura Symes was born and brought up on the Hebridean island of Lewis and has enjoyed drawing for as long as she can remember. While growing up she loved studying art, different cultures and the natural world. After graduating in history in Ireland she lived for a couple of years in South Africa where she became interested in crafts such as traditional weaving and jewellery making. 

On returning to the UK, Laura was employed in education and, through her work with children, was introduced to the ancient craft of mosaics. This medium offered opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to co-operate, sharing and exchanging their skills, whilst working towards a greater goal. Laura enjoyed the collaborative element of group projects, but became increasingly aware of the possibilities of mosaic for her own creativity and expression.

Laura attended workshops and training with established mosaic professionals. Through volunteering at Southbank Mosaics, Art4Space and other organisations she developed her skills and became involved in several public realm projects such as William Blake’s Lambeth, the Queenhithe Timeline Heritage Mosaic and the portraits of local women achievers which are displayed on the outside walls of Morley College. In recent years Laura has contributed pieces to several group shows and in spring 2019 she represented herself as one of a group of mosaicists at the Hard Surfaces Exhibition in London’s ExCel Centre. Her studio is at Deptford X, Brookmill road, Deptford. 



 Show: 4-7 July 2019

Launch night: Friday 5 July  7-10pm

The Lust – do you need it or do you want it?

The Lust project engages with the complex and controversial topic of desire/need and their relationship that has always been investigated since Ancient Greece.

‘Desire is an extremely complex and ambivalent concept, you can find it in any human,

cultural, anthropological field. It is a current and ubiquitous term, we employ it in

order to cope with our daily life as well as to define our identity/es as persons but also as

consumers, prosumers. Especially in nowadays the borderline between our desires and

needs have become more and more ambiguous than even before…’

The exhibition is based on a 6-month research developed in 2016 through the main tool of photography and art direction with the final result of magazine “The Lust”. The research visualises complex and philosophical content through visual metaphors, with the willingness of combining design with other fields of knowledge such as sociology and psychology. The magazine takes concreteness in visualising real couples of need/desire in different domains with an attention to some of the recent and current phenomena of society and politics such as the law on Stepchild adoption, the science of motivation, consumerism, the multiple identity of the self, social media, immigration.

The matrioska is brought to a universal symbol for the self and the individual who is alone and has to faces needs and desires according to the ethic of consumerism, social media and politics. Therefore, the Matrioska is employed as the file-rouge for the entire work and exhibition and wants to captivate the observer’s attention through a contemporary and colourful style which is achieved through pastel colours and objects of the everyday-life.

The overall result is a a-temporal dimension where colours and lights become protagonists like statues fixed in time, slaves of our times and our beliefs. What is shared is a silent figure that pukes a bill, a fetus between two homosexual cards, a family captured in a bird cage, and a übermensch (super-man) in an upside-down globe.

The metaphor therefore is the primary tool of communication, through simple objects and symbols the observer is invited to dive in an a-temporal dimension of the self and to immerse him/herself into the apparent beauty of colours that hide deeper meanings. 

Chiara Zhu (in art, ColorChiara) is a brand graphic designer and artist currently based in London. Her works engage with political and social issues blending conceptual abstraction and visual metaphorical languages of minimal and intuitive expressions. She is currently finishing a Master of Arts in Brands, Communication and Culture within the Media and Communication department at Goldsmiths University of London. /  @colorchiara      


Group exhibition featuring emerging artists


Show: 10-14 July 2019

Launch night: Friday 12th July 2019 7-10pm / @deptforddoesart

Social media affected our understanding of identity and subjectivity. It supplied a publicity machinery with power previously available only to famous people. While technology guarantees immortality through publishing online, celebrity condition appears to be everyone’s condition and everything that has meaning, including death, has to be liked and shared.

DEATH IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA brings together works by four artists who are interested in the subject of death in the internet context. Works included in the show cover themes such as online presence and immortality, grieving online, death wish, atavism and bestiality, the function of social media in neoliberal politics.

P Mulligan currently works and lives in London as a fine art lecturer, art tutor and practising visual artist. Graduating from Goldsmiths Fine Art BA in 2015, having earlier gained a GenArts MA from Edinburgh University (majoring in Art History & Anthropology), Mulligan also recently completed a postgraduate study with Turps Banana. Prior to this, Mulligan spent ten years in the digital agencies, working as a digital designer and producer.

Mulligan’s practice reflects all these influences, rooted in painting, printmaking, animation, and writing. ‘In my studio work I’m interested in the relationship print-based and digital photographic imagery has with painting, and what painting can do to reframe or undo the printed or digital image, and the political, historical and psychoanalytic frameworks this might reveal. Exploring the edges, languages and processes of painting and printmaking.’

Recent projects include: The Visitors (Goldsmiths NX Project Space, 2016), Invasion Manual or How To Act In Extreme Situations Or Instances Of War (Art Lacuna, 2016), Rise & Fall (Blake Space, 2018), Return (Slade Summer School Residency, 2018), Of Possible Configurations (A-Side B-Side Gallery, 2018), Azreal  (Video Project by Mustafa Boga, 2019), Invasion Manual 2 or Ready (TBC, 2020).

Birute Nomeda Stankuniene currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania . She is a painter interested in abstraction and her road to the world of arts has been full of unexpected discoveries and challenges. After graduating from Kaunas University of Technology in 1987, she worked as an engineer and administrator, and almost two decades later, in 2003, delved into her lifelong passion to become a professional artist. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2009, and then fully immersed herself in her creative work. In 2018 she attended Contemporary Painting Course at Slade Summer school and in the same year was granted a residency there. Over the past ten years, her works have been showcased in national and international exhibitions more than thirty times. Birute Nomeda has held three personal exhibitions in the United Kingdom, where her works received coverage by regional and international media, including the BBC Radio Solent and CNC News/Xinhua (China’s National News Agency). The artist’s work has been featured by Saatchiart, online art gallery, which selected some of Birute’s works for its weekly collections. Her artworks have been purchased by private collectors in Brazil, across Europe and the United States.

Based on the artist’s paintings, the book titled Seven Feelings According to the Book of Job was published in 2011. BiruteNomeda has been featured in the publications of the IUOMA, Slow Art Day and Hieronymus Bosch Plaza. She is also an active member of these international projects.

Anna Salmane is a visual artist working with installation, photography and video.

She received her MA in Philosophy from University of Latvia (2007) and BA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2014). Now she lives and works in Riga, Latvia.
Words, stories and fiction are one of the central inspirations of Salmane’s work. Having engaged subjects as diverse as feminism, war in Ukraine and Latvian mentality, Salmane’s practice often explores the ambiguous space between fact and fiction. The artist combines fact and fiction; mixes and matches unrelated facts; creates plausible narratives to accompany her artwork. Salmane’s aim is not to fool the viewers, but to present them with a scenario that is sound on emotional level.
Salmane collaborates with artist Krišs Salmanis and composer Kristaps Pētersons. Their work Song was awarded Latvian contemporary art prize “Purvītis Prize” in 2017. Salmane has been participating in group exhibitions since 2001 and has had solo shows in London, Nottingham and Riga.
Salmane’s works are in the collections of Latvian National Museum of Art and Latvian Museum of Writing and Music.

Monika Srodon is a mixed-media installation artist based in London. She studied BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University and graduated in 2015 but also has an MA in English Philology, specialising in American literature from the University of Silesia, Poland. She exhibited in various London galleries and was the recipient of SpaceStudios Graduate Bursary Award in 2015. Srodon’s works are often colourful, carefully  constructed and multi-layered. She often uses her subjective experience as a reference point and her practice is predominantly lens-based. At the same time she enjoys expressing ideas through sculptural work, painting and performance. She is particularly interested in aesthetics as central to art, politics and social order, and in recent years, she started creating Neoliberal Playgrounds, a series in which she focuses on the negative aspects of gentrification, regeneration and advertising. Only recently she became preoccupied with the impact of internet on the humanand the social media complicated relationship with free market capitalism.


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