TENDER | Group Show


A group show on behalf of Tender to raise awareness of their brilliant work and celebrate their cause.


Show: 20-23 February 2020 | Open Evening: Friday 21 February 7-10pm

This collection of visual artists and writers have come together to present their works on tenderness. The selection is a celebration of healthy, fulfilling and nourishing human relationships of every kind. It draws focus to the emotional and physical benefits of allowing someone to care for you whilst knowing, in tandem, how to care for yourself.

The confident array of artists capture vibrant verisimilitude with their photographs, playful abstraction with their materials and subtle joys with their words. The spectrum mirrors the narratives they portray of love, friendship and allyship, supporting kindness in every medium.

Tender has been curated on behalf of the charity, Tender.

Tender is an education and arts charity committed to preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence in the lives of young people. They deliver a wide range of drama and arts-based projects which empower young people, and the adults who work with them, to actively prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence, and promote gender equality in schools, youth centres, universities and workplaces. Since 2017, They have reached over 400,000 young people in London and through their regional hubs around the UK.

They have three aims:
• To educate young people about violence and abuse in relationships
• To challenge attitudes which tolerate, condone and conceal abusive behaviour and unhealthy relationships
• To empower young people with the knowledge and confidence to speak out and seek support if they, or someone they know, is experiencing abuse

For more information or to get involved please contact:
Bradley O’Donoghue – – He/Him | @deptforddoesart | | @TenderEducationArts


QUEER(ING) SPACE | An Architecture without Architects

Deptford does Art X Queering Space present ‘Queer(ing) Space: an architecture without architects’ , an interactive exhibition by queer artists exploring the changing landscape of queer space. Show: 27 February – 1 March 2020. ‬

‪Queer(ing) space examines the places that make us and those that break us, the spaces we self create, and the queer worlds and families we build. From clubs to bus stops, houses to dancefloors, from permanent to temporary, how do our environments shape us and how do we shape them?‬

‪This exhibition has been conceived in reaction to the continuing closure of LGBTQI+ nightlife spaces in London, but also in acknowledgement of the limitations of those spaces and their inability to cater for the diversity of our community.‬



Open Evening: Friday 28th 7-10pm ‬

‪A Walking Tour of Deptford: Saturday 29th 2pm: ‘Queer Happens Here’ – starting and ending at DDA‬

‪Performance Evening: Saturday 29th 7-10pm (performances start at 8pm)‬

‪Panel Talk: Sunday 2pm – Queer space and queering space, how can LGBTQIA+ narratives shape our environments?‬ – Please RSVP through Eventbrite – Limited Spaces.


‪Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 12pm-5pm‬
‪All events are free and everyone is welcome. ‬

‪Featuring Artists:‬
‪Gabriel A Marino ‬
‪Harry Silverlock – @GimmeOneVR‬
‪Rebecca Chitticks – @rchitticks‬
‪Jonathon Beaver – @jonnyxstitch‬
‪Diana Puntar – @dianapuntarstudio‬

‪Lucy Hayhoe -@lucyhayhoe‬
‪Marika Kochiashvili – @marika_kochiashvili ‬
‪Natasha Bell – @bytashbell‬
‪Bobby Redmond -‬
‪Amy Pennington – @amythedraweruk‬
‪Heather Glazzard & Nora Nord – @heather_glazzard‬

‪Joseph Funnell – @jwfunnell‬
‪Trisha Hobson‬
‪Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser – @mayaleighrose‬

Queer(ing) Space is brought to you by:
Lucy Hayhoe, Sixto-Juan Zavala, Natasha Bell, Lara Haworth, Ana Plasencia and Robin Pell-Walpole


Show: 5-8 March 2020

Open Evening: Friday 6 March 6-9pm

Meet the artists – Sunday 8 March 1pm


Exhibiting Artists:

Olivia Barrington

Jordan Moody

Priscilla Isiguzo

Alicia Haye

Tommy L Rogers

Abdollah Heidari

This group of diverse artists have come together to celebrate their creative, social and colourful interactions, with one another and with the world. 

Using a shared studio space in Second Floor Studios and Arts in Deptford, the artists meet regularly and work on individual artistic projects, both consciously and unconsciously influencing one another’s work in the process. Techniques are shared and mirrored, subjects become interconnected and dialogue flows, allowing the group to have an individual artist identity yet remain part of a strong creative community.


Show: 12-15 March 2020
Open Evening with ‘Ritual’ performance: Friday 15th 7-10pm
Opening hours: Thursday- Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-5pm


Relics imagines thermoformed plastic packaging as an accidental hieroglyphic language – as it might be interpreted by a future civilisation. Discarded plastic was collected, placed on photographic paper and then exposed to light, revealing the intricacies of the material. Documenting the plastic in this way hints at its fragility – we are shown its fissures and bubbles. However we are also reminded, somewhat paradoxically, of the unsettling permanence of plastic; it will outlive not only the observer but even the photographic print itself.
The textural quality brought out by the process of making a photogram exposes human intervention on the planet, the traces we have left throughout history in order to leave our mark. This exhibition is intended as a sombre memorial to our present times, and a reverential reflection on our unintended monument of plastic.


A performance piece in which participants are selected at random to take part in a novel automatic-writing ritual using cameraless photography.
Participants and viewers alike are invited to reflect on the ‘Relics’ exhibited in the space, and make sense of the ubiquitous yet unfamiliar markings. Using a planchette (favoured in Victorian seances), the artist is calling on ‘collective power’ to reveal messages that may be hiding in plain sight within the abstract images on the wall. This ritual compares the simultaneous rise of photography and spiritualism in the 1800s, a time in which the boundaries of fact and fiction were blurred and the future was unclear as emerging technologies rocketed our civilisation into our industrial age. Ritual closes with the lights on and back to our present day asking: ‘what has changed and where are we now?’,

Liz’s work employs cameraless photographic techniques to explore the ways in which documentary images can be made, with a focus on objects, experimental installation and artistic-political discourse.
Originally from Liverpool, and now based in South East London, she graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2012. ​She is currently a co-director at The Gate Darkroom, a community run photographic darkroom, pop-up gallery and studio.


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