an exhibition of urban paintings by


Show: 18 – 28 October 2018

Launch night: Thursday 18 October 7-11pm

Artist Talk: Trevor Burgess in conservation with Matthew Krishanu Saturday 20 October 6.30pm

“I moved to Deptford over ten years ago to set up my studio here. When I was invited to do an exhibition at Deptford Does Art on Deptford High Street, it was a good opportunity to show paintings I have made of the local area. 

My painting has always been strongly influenced by a sense of place. I think it is the case for most artists, that our immediate visual environment is reflected in the work. In my case, what I see around me is the starting point for my paintings. I am fascinated by the urban environment – people and places and the cultures that they express. So it is inevitable that I have made a number of paintings of what is going on around me on the streets, in the shops and in the public places that I walk through every day. 

All the paintings have people and the life on the street at their heart. They invite the viewer to imagine the lives of the people who inhabit the paintings. It felt right for a show that is taking place in a small independent venue on the High Street that the exhibition includes pictures of the independent shops and market stalls of the street. These paintings are part of a much larger series of work, “The Market Paintings”, in which I have depicted market stalls, traders and shoppers in many different parts of the world. The initial impetus for this body of work came from London’s street markets, and the High Street in Deptford continues to inspire me to make new paintings.

People who have lived here longer than I have will have seen many changes in the High Street. The paintings depict some shops that have gone, as well as new developments of public spaces. At the centre of the exhibition are a series of four new paintings of the benches in Giffin Square.

In choosing the subject for a painting, I start with taking snapshot photos, which I reflect on in the studio and begin to isolate elements that are suggestive or visually compelling. The paintings are not tied to being topographical records. Through the process, I am responsive to what the painting demands, what it illuminates in my memories and experience. A finished picture has to be a revelation.”

Trevor Burgess



an exhibition of illustrations and monoprints by local artist


Show: 1- 15 November 2018

Launch night: Thursday 1 November 7-10pm

Free Workshop: Sunday 11 November 3-5pm

    “The tenacity of the flowers that pop up in the urban environment is to be celebrated.  I love the flowers that come up amongst the litter and the debris of life around a station or a bus stop.  Suddenly something jewel like catches your eye and you are cheered. I am also inspired by the wildflower garden where I work. It is full of flowers in the spring and summer, when the garden is alive with bees, both from the hive and the bee hotel.  

Each flower has a use and I have been researching their stories; the myths and legends, their healing properties and their culinary delights.  

I hope you can see the familiar and mundane in a new light and understand that we do not exist in isolation, but as part of a whole. Without plants we wouldn’t survive.

Enjoy the stories.”

Anita Gwynn