30 creators & collectives are showing and selling their self-publications alongside all the other locally made zines in one of Deptford’s coolest venues – Deptford does Art! The festival runs from 19 May until 29th May. The first fest was fantastic, we’ve had to postpone twice due to the pandemic but we’re now back and stronger than ever!

No judgement, all submissions were accepted, making this a true representation of zine culture in London. You’re all welcome to take part in events, see below for details!

Fest is open 10am-5pm Thursday to Sunday and it’s free to attend. Come grab a few zines!




Learn how to make a zine from scratch, celebrate indie publishing and get to meet Southeast London’s zine-making community.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to make and publish your zine from A-Z.

What to expect:

– Short intro about the history and contemporary context of zines

– Visual guides to help you make your zines

– Access to an archive of over 50 handmade zines

– All materials included plus lots of free zine freebies.

✂️ This event welcomes individuals of all ages, including kids and families.

Safe and inclusive space.

🌀 No art experience needed, just bring your good vibes.

Questions? Email us at or DM @artizineuk on Instagram.

SATURDAY 28 MAY 11.30-13.30 PM – £9.99




A creative writing workshop focusing on self-love, self-care and mental wellbeing.

Join poet, writer and community artist Lydia Rose for a creative writing workshop focusing on self-love, self-care and mental wellbeing, specially designed for the Deptford Does Art South London Zine Fest.

In this one-off workshop, participants are invited to explore concepts of self-love and deepen their understanding of ways they can care for their mental and emotional wellbeing through the medium of writing. This will be a playful and non-judgemental space for self-inquiry and creative expression, filled with activities that aim to cultivate a sense of self-compassion and connection.

All writing abilities are welcome to attend – you just need to bring an enthusiasm to learn more about yourself!

SUNDAY 29TH MAY 11.30am-12.30pm – £5.98



  •  TALK

You’re all welcomed to join us for a free talk on Sunday 29th May to officially close the festival and network with other creatives in the diy publishing & zine world! Talk starts at 1.30pm (on time), doors 15 min before – bar on premises. There’ll be Q&A after each speaker and the floor will be open to anyone at the end of the talk to join in to read or perform – if that’s you, please email us to secure a spot (and get a free drink) but we’d be more than happy to include anyone that turns up on the day too if the time allows it. The talk should finish by 4pm. And as it’s free, please secure a spot via Eventbrite to avoid disappointment. Limited spaces. FCFS.

We’re very pleased to have a range of fantastic speakers including @spungpress @boslaarts @sicklovezine @anthrazine @alliesartclub





Guadalupe Ferrández is a Spanish multidisciplinary creative currently based in London. Who has a background in Fashion, having worked in the industry during her times living in Paris. In 2020 she decided to move to London and has recently graduated from an MA in Culture at Goldsmiths.

Her writing practice, although still in development, focuses on exploring and capturing quotidianity through words (in an almost abstract manner). Aiming to trigger different sorts of emotions and feelings on the reader (at the centre of the production of the piece). She likes to experiment with themes that can help us explain who we are, as humans, and how we interact, feel and life lived through the lenses of time. Furthermore, she is interested in exploring how narratives can become more immersive and multi-sensorial thanks to the use of multimedia formats.

IG @guadalupeft97  |


“I’m a writer born and bred in London to Caribbean parents! I write essays, poems and I teach. I also love the smell of a new book.”

Zine produced explores girlhood/femininity and sexuality.

IG: @laurah90s |


Anthra lies somewhere between a zine, an anthology and a coffee table book. Compiled by Molly Hills and Patrick Walsh, designed and put together by Masa Mlakar, the first issue of Anthra explores the relationship between humans and plants in dense urban environments. It brings art, poetry and science together into a human space, to reflect on the ties between the wild and the domesticated. In this book, you’ll find imagery, poetry and essays that tell stories of what it means to be a human in an urban landscape, which can seem both so separated and yet so inextricable from the natural world.

IG: @anthrazine


“I’m Louise, a self-taught artist from London who loves to create comics featuring the different worlds that live rent free in my brain. I am hugely inspired by the childhood cartoons I grew up with, as well as by music and other fellow comic makers!

The comics I’m showcasing at this festival feature different parts of my character May’s life, and two different adventures she has been on: One focusing on her being recruited by an intergalactic space team, and the other being a not-so-successful date. May has been a character which has grown alongside me,and I’m very excited to be able to share her stories with the world-Her original concepts were designed way back in primary school!

Space Agent Diamond GO! The Introduction

‘Space Agent Diamond GO!’ is a Sci-fi/Adventure comic that focuses on May Diamond: A resident of the planet Mystellia trying to find her way back to her home planet. Whilst travelling through the galaxies she gets recruited by none other than the Space Agents! An interspecies group of space travellers who’d joined together to take down the Demons who yearn to control the Universe. Will May stand up to the challenge and confront the Demons, or will her desire to get back to Mystellia get in the way? This comic is a small introduction to the story, and introduces us to the Space Agent’s that May will be working with!

‘The Date Crashers of Mystellia’: Hampton finally gathers the courage to take May out on a date, and was excited that she wanted to spend Valentines with him! However after their overly eager friend’s input, being hit in the face, and an inconsiderate double date tagging along, Hampton questions if the date was even a good idea at all…

IG: @mltycomics


“My zine is a street-photography/travel documentation of my travels around regions in Porto during March 2022. All images were taken shot on film. I am a photographer based in South East London.”

IG: @doubledenimboyband |


Flo is an artist and writer whose work largely explores the relationship between architecture, people and place. She is currently based in Greenwich and is studying an Architectural History MA at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

FORM, SHAPE AND LIGHT is a collaborative publication which recognises and celebrates details of architecture which are often overlooked in the daily process of living. It explores three architectural landmarks of Leeds; The Worsley Building, Bank House and White Rose House. Words and photography by Flo Armitage-Hookes. Design and direction by Process Play.

Limited edition publication, 130 x 210 mm, 16 pages (inc. cover) Saddle stitched with wire staples, Printed on 100gsm Recycled Natural stock, Published in September 2021

IG: @flo.armitagehookes |


Tied to Light is a collective formed in 2020 by recent BA (Hons) Photography graduates Anna Luk and Lucy Kane. Its purpose is to support emerging artists exploring the expansion of photography.

“Our first publication, Tied to Light Vol. 1, celebrates the work of eighteen artists whose works explore the endless possibilities of the photographic medium through experimental and boundary pushing approaches to making and thinking. The resulting publication brings together a vast range of photographic processes, including but certainly not limited to: chemigram, cyanotype, photogram, cliché verre, Polaroid, ‘film soup’, digital manipulation and pinhole photography.

Hand-folded concertina publication. 32 pages. Printed on 170gsm Arcoprint, accompanied by 200gsm Arcoprint belly band and 250gsm Arcoprint insert. Edition of 150. 

IG: @tiedtolightcollective  |


Jess is a sociology student at the university of Warwick. She’s  a part of Warwick Anti Sexism society and Sexpression, so has a lot to say when it comes to masculinities and feminist sex! Don’t be shy to message her if you decide to pick up one of her zines!

Caleb studies English Lit at Uni of Warwick and loved working with Jess on this zine! He hopes it can be as important to you as it was to him. Any comments/ questions just drop him a message:

IG: @Jessica__Noble  @calebcalebcalebcalebcaleb


They are a chaotic genderqueer artist based in South East London. His work is committed to its roots, poking very small holes in heteronormativity, without being tied down to any distinct medium.

‘This Zine Is Rubbish’

A wry sideways glance at dating, and life fresh out the closet, through the medium of rubbish pulled out of a tote bag.

Instagram: @art_motherfucker


“I am an illustrator and graphic designer and Zinester from China. Recently studying at University of the Arts London and based in London.”

Kamikakushi Spring Plants Illustration’

This is an illustrated guide to the museum’s spring magic plants, based on my own original story. Created in Linocut at the beginning and finally printed as RISO Zine.

IG: Zhuoyan_Hu_design |


Jingyi Hou is an urban observer and social designer whose work focuses on exploring urban culture through visual research. She also explores ways to solve social issues through design thinking and stimulates dialogue and experimentation between sociology and creative disciplines. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in design from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and a master’s degree in Visual Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London.

‘Diana doesn’t go home’

IG: @dianadoesntgohome


Johnathan Hall (b. 1988) is an upcoming photographer based in South East London. His artistic practice incorporates composite imagery portraying the interaction between people and place.

Johnathan has just completed his studies in photography with the Open College of the Arts. He’s had his work London: Still/Moving displayed at the OXO Tower as part of a group exhibition with the same university. He has recently volunteered with a local arts festival (Deptford X), which has helped to develop his network in the area. Through this networking he was able to take the opportunity to locally exhibit (Re)constructing Deptford, and has since made a zine of the same name.

‘(Re)constructing Deptford’  

“Tap. tap. tap. Is that the sound of a place being incessantly reconstructed – like Deptford has been since the docks were built? Or is it the sound of the Thames gently lapping against its side?

Look around you, and you’re bound to see a multitude of signs that point to new futures. Look a little closer and there might be some traces of a dwindling industrial past. Amid the ebb and flow of this constantly developing place, there are strands linking Deptford to its community. Do these paths connect people to the docking heritage or to the onwards march of gentrification and shiny façades? Which paths are permanent and which are more transient? Does it even matter – is looking to preserve something intangible in an ever changing world an exercise in futility? I think the biggest question for me: what does it mean to have soul in a place undergoing change?

Walking down Deptford High Street as a child, I was fascinated by the sounds, smells and tastes of the market. Nowadays, not much seems to have changed. Apart from everything around it, myself included. These days as a photographer, I pay more attention to the sights around me. As I document the town, I ask myself what Deptford means to me. My lens is drawn to the people because they are the ones who mould and sculpt Deptford over time. I use a photographic technique where I layer people from different moments onto the landscape they’re slowly constructing. These composites pose questions like: are people and the communities they build more meaningful than the land they inhabit? Are they subject to change like the developments surrounding them? Maybe the only constant is change itself, just like the tide on the river running alongside…”

IG: @johnsinsta37  |


“I am a design graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, and specialise in fashion design and illustration. I am very interested in self-publishing and bookbinding and have produced several zines covering a wide range of areas such as fashion, character design, comic strips and short fiction.”

IG: @alibiecila  @satsuki_press


Allie’s Art Club is a community of creatives who believe in the power of art to generate positive changes for ourselves and others. Formed by volunteers in 2021, our mission is to create opportunities for people to have fun, express themselves, improve their sense of wellbeing and develop strong social connections through the arts. We value art as a peaceful yet powerful form of self-expression that can contribute to building a happy, healthy and honest world.

‘Crazy’ is a common word that is very much embedded in the English language without much awareness of how its use reflects and reinforces prevailing views of mental health. In this zine, we use the word crazy as a starting point to discuss mental health and the stigma that surrounds it through the mediums of art and poetry.

Showcasing a range of drawings, paintings, photography, digital art and poems, as well as discussions and definitions of important mental health terms, this zine showcases the views and experiences of 10 talented London-based artists on topics ranging from mental health stigma, mental ill-health, the public mental health system, self-care and supportive relationships.

Under the community organisation Allie’s Art Club, all profits from zine sales will go towards the club’s project to support people’s mental health through the arts.

IG: @alliesartclub |


“We are Bosla Arts, a platform that supports and highlights the work of artists worldwide who are facing / confronting oppressive forces, while drawing on their experiences to raise and spread awareness to the UK public. Founded by Georgia Beeston and Hossam Fazulla.

‘In Defiance’

This zine features the work of artists from around the world who are using their work to respond to their unique contexts and to defy systems of oppression. Each has faced or used their work to address challenges including persecution, censorship, racism, inequality, and more. 

Inside every copy is a free, A3 map artwork created by artist Mo Langmuir. The work draws on historic cases of clampdowns on artistic freedoms to show that artists are being targeted worldwide. Based on the Gall Peters Projection map which presents counties in their true proportion to one another, the work highlights historical cases of threats to artistic freedom of expression worldwide.

IG: @boslaarts  |


“Last year I sought help for my mental health, and after an assessment was diagnosed with psychosis. We moved before I could get proper treatment which resulted in my mental health issues getting worse. I kept what I was calling a doodle diary between that time and now where I was drawing and writing how I was feeling. This zine is a collection of scanned pages and writing to document this journey.”

‘A Guide To Losing Your Mind’ is an artists way of documenting their life with psychosis.

@maria.rosa.park | 


“I work as a TV Lighting Cameraman but outside of this I love how photography enables me to express myself and create in an entirely different way to when I’m working with moving images. I want to create images that celebrate texture and colour.”

‘Colouristic’ is Risograph printed in four colours.

IG: @mattwrightphotography  |


“My short comic was created in response to the various conversations I overheard while working at a pub. They started as amusing snippets of conversations, which I would remember and quickly sketch after I finished my shift. I started to build up a collection of moments, soon I had enough to turn into this zine.

From growing up in Lambeth and seeing the area change, I hope these illustrations capture a certain atmosphere of South London at the moment, where there is a clash between old residents and young professionals.

‘Rubber Dub’

IG: @hatch_design  |


Nancy ArtMusic is a half Latvian half Tanzanian woman with an American accent living in London. She is the creator of the Umeboshi comics and host of the Flawed Workshop podcast. If you love uplifting art, cute comics, and philosophical conversations about what it’s like to be a creative person, you’ll get along great.”


DAZ  高艺德

“I’m an International teacher from the UK. In a previous life I studied an MA in Communication Design and was a bedroom graphic designer that never really made it. I’ve taught in China, Japan and Germany. I’m currently back in the UK teaching.

As I’ve been teaching I’ve valued having creative projects on the side. It all started with illustrations in China that later became a Series titled: a rainy day. These were produced during my first three years living in China (2013 – 2016). The ink sketches were connected to experiences and part of the process of my adaption to a completely different culture. The title of the Series and the illustrations are open to interpretation.

I currently operate under the alias: Daz 高艺德. My Chinese name is gāoyìdé 高艺德. I lived in China for six years and after leaving I’ve maintained my connection because of the relationships that were built plus I’m still curious about Chinese language and culture.”

‘The Professionals’

A shark, a rat and a snake. What’s the connection? The Professionals is a guide to the wildlife that may grace your workplace. Be sure to identify them correctly. Depending on your preference: snuggle up to them, attempt to tame them or give them a wide berth. It’s your choice. 


Created during a stay in an Airbnb. I folded a variety of distinct origami hearts and they were arranged in different patterns. I recorded my personal reflections for each

particular arrangement.

IG: @daz.darryl


Sick Love Zine is an independent platform celebrating young creatives and their work. With an arts and culture focus, Sick Love encourages honest conversations around the issues that affect young creatives whilst promoting unique talent.

Sick Love is a multi-platform project existing across Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, as well as in print. Print has always been a powerful political tool – especially for those excluded from the mainstream media – and we wish to build on a long history of print with purpose through our bi-annual publications.

‘10 ZINE’

10 ZINE centres itself around the London based creatives and activists we believe are set to make progressive change in their fields over the next 10 years. To mark Sick Love’s 1-year anniversary, we wanted to create a print issue that embodied our ethos, aiming to champion young creatives whilst reflecting on the issues that affect many in the community. Photographed by Aria Shahrokhshahi, the zine features:

Ellie Pennick (founder of Guts Gallery); Lucia Blayke (founder of Trans+ Pride and Harpies); Bee Illustrates Rukiat; Foundation FM; Seren Metcalfe (founder of the Working Class Creatives Database); Teaday Blogs (founder of Re-Educate)

Queer House Party; 4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE; Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin (Politics Editor at BRICKS Magazine and trustee for Voices4 London)

10 ZINE also includes artworks by George William Vicary and Beth Nicol


Kyiv is a 4 part print project offering insight into underground creative scenes in Europe, platforming those at the forefront of artistic and social development in their respective cities.

Out of all the cities visited, Kyiv offered us the most unfamiliar – and thus enthralling – cultural experience. Everyday was a bombardment, a visual and sensory overload experienced through the cold beauty and verve of the city.

Over a month before the release of this project, Putin launched a barbaric and unprecedented attack on Ukraine. This print celebrates the vibrance of Ukrainian culture and the strength of its people. All profits from this publication will be donated to Ukrainian LGBTQ+ and feminist NGO Insight.

Featured Artists:Alina Kleytman, Mary Lydon & Sasha Kurmaz. Photography by Gorsad Kyiv

IG: @sicklovezine  |


Jasmine is an outsider artist making zines about love and psychosis. She is a hoarder of 90’s toys and old books and collects found images and objects recycling them in her work. Britney spears is her patron saint of mental illness and recovery. Her work is a combination of tacky trashy cute and creepy- sweet decay is the best way to describe it. Skip salvaging charity shop and pound store enthusiast Jas is also a street photographer, going out talking to strangers and taking portraits. She also loves graffiti and is partial to a paste up.

IG: @xbritneyxtearsx


Alison Hui is a Hong-Kong based illustrator, urban sketcher and doodler, who renders her city-inspired observation in vivid and delightful details with vibrant colours on paper. Alison is a city observer, she uses lines, watercolour, markers to record and express her interpretation of city landscape and culture in her artworks.

‘All About Tofu’

The zine is an extended story of Artist’s 2nd book about Hong Kong Food Culture. As a fan of tofu, Alison would like to share the story of the local tofu business. From the same origin, SOY Beans, a wide range of tofu and relevant products are being produced as low price food ingredients, which contribute to Hong Kong people’s daily meals throughout the years.The setting of traditional tofu shops attached with workshops have become a special part of Hong Kong tofu culture. Before the disappearance of the traditional local tofu culture under the rapid urban development in the city, Alison wishes to use her illustrations and words to pay a tribute to the people, who have spent their life in the industry.

‘There is no place before arrival’

Alison selected a series of travel sketches she made in the past few years, to curate a narrative, which questions the relationship and meaning of places, mobility and existence. The zine offers the space of imagination to the readers and redefines the meaning of various places, with and without the arrival of oneself, especially during the pandemic era.

IG: @a.h.inkpen  |


Jade Mars is a writer, zinester, poet and witch based in Brighton, UK. They are the author of the Scorpio Moon perzine series, editor of Aspects of Uranus: a queer astrology zine, and co-author of the Queering Intimacy workbook zine. Jade has written three collections of ecopoetry, and their work has been published in Zarf #13, A Queer Anthology of Wilderness (Pilot Press, 2020), and Fermenting Feminism (Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 2017), amongst others. They are inspired by science fiction and utopianism, anarcha-feminist thought and praxis, DIY cultures, neurodivergent perspectives, druidry, folklore and the liminal.

‘Queering Intimacy’

This zine is a guide to rethinking intimacies in your life. Inspired by the principles of relationship anarchy, and considering the multitude of relationships we all have in life, this workbook enables you to think critically and deeply about the different types of intimacy available to you, and discover which ones you truly desire and value. Written from a queer feminist perspective, this zine provides tips to help you navigate relationships mindfully and intentionally, as well as encouragement to co-create liberatory communities and authentic forms of intimacy.

‘Scorpio Moon #10’

Scorpio Moon #10 was written over the course of 2020, tracing the first year of the pandemic and its impact upon my life. In this zine I write about those early few months where everything was liminal and unknown, about my daily practice of walking, and swimming in the sea throughout the year. I discuss craving community and situating my loneliness within the political, my attempts to declutter and buy less stuff, and my dreams for a post-vaccine future.

IG: @lettersfrommars  |


“My studio practice combines painting and sculpture (in a range of media and processes) and graphic novels and ‘zines. Within these interdisciplinary approaches, narrative content and formal processes inform and complement each other.

I see my work as a synthesis or fusion between recurring narratives (largely linked to graphic imagery depicting fictional modern mythologies using a comic-book-style iconography) and the mechanics of the physical and formal processes of how to produce work within the traditions of (modern?) Art (today!?) “

‘Trojans vs Spartans’ – a ‘hard-edged graphic IIliad’ 

‘Roman de Brut’  – sketchbook format Zine – using the SBT characters to retell the Norman poet Wace’s tale of the Trojan exile Brutus discovery of Britain and it’s history up to the first Saxon King.

‘Without Borders’ – a post-Brexit pamphlet-style Zine

IG: @7brickstall @domblower | 


S.J Wyatt has been drawing and painting since completing her M.A in fine art at Reading University  30 years ago. Her style is influenced by the expressionist movement using colour and form to tell the emotions behind the story. She has exhibited in London, Poland and China. She also has been a play writer for ten years writing social political plays which have performed  as part of the London festival as well at the Bloomsbury theatre. More recently she has been interested in telling stories through graphic novels and comics. She has collaborated on a comic called Volume XXX as well as a number of short stories. She has just finished a graphic novel called Touch. 

@s.j.wyatt / Twitter:@S.JWyatt


Stefan Alexander is an freelance comic artist, illustrator and Zine maker based in West London. He mainly creates mini zines and original artwork including his ongoing comic series The Fluffs. He recently exhibited at related art and Zine fairs such as SPACE FOR LONDON, Mcm Comic Con and London Film and ComicCon. Also had his work display at Pehu Cafe based in Osaka, Japan. His zine stories are depicted in everyday life, surrealism and fantasy themes that gives him inspiration to create mini visual metaphors printed and original.

On show are five zines: Such a dull weather, Pattern colouring book zine, Fruit and Veg colouring Zine, Fundoshi Zine, I Find water relaxing  Zines  £1.50 each or 3 zines for £3

Instagram: @stef192k | @stefan_alexander2018 | Twitter: stefanA9G


“My name is Katie Hogan, I am a film writer/blogger/critic (and sometimes a maker. I’ve been writing on my blog since 2011 and have been writing for others since 2016, most notably Vulturehound magazine. I’ve written for Picturehouse Spotlight, Flamingo Magazine, Curzon Film Blog, My Film Club, Park Circus and Run Riot. Last year I had the pleasure of introducing ‘The Big Lebowski’ at the Bristol Watershed, part of the Cinema Rediscovered festival. I’ve always loved zines and started to create my own to celebrate films I loved and admired. WILL MAKE ZINE ABOUT TAROT.”

Blog: Twitter:@HoganShogan


Volume XXX is a comic anthology for grown-ups. Five short tales of loss, revolution and flying insects that all echo the dystopia of our own, weird times.

It’s an old-skool comic – hand-drawn, lo-tech – a labour of love.

“In my story #notfadeaway, I imagined what it might be like if a 70’s freedom-fighter just, never stopped … I hope folks enjoy it.

There was a cupboard in our house filled with comics that my uncle had left behind when he moved out:  Fantastic Four; WHAM!; Out of This World; Suspense. I’d spend hours soaking up the stuff, freaking my kid’s brain out on Tales of Terror.

So, I’ve always loved consuming comics but for some reason it’s taken me decades to get around to making any myself.  Now I spend my free moments sweating over a graphic novel & complaining about Photoshop.”

Twitter: @catheri14695870


If you know about LAD$ Collective then you know we’re a fucked up mix of humans of all ages, some of us are legit artists, some of us aren’t. LAD$ is a platform for self-identifying women and non-binary artists who create art / poetry / have opinions / like to put on a good party etc. and don’t get the visibility they deserve within the punk and squatting scenes. We’re mainly based in London, but like your nans legs, we are spread far and wide: featuring submissions from members in Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Denmark, France and we are always open to more contributors.

Instagram: @ladszine  | F: @ladscollective  |


Kelly Arnold and her friends are hanging around a tower block, dressed like tiny grim reapers, when everything gets too real. Like it or not, they must face the scampering nuisance of death itself.

The Little Deaths of Watson Tower is a twenty-page black and white one-off comic written by Nick Bryan (Comedy & Errors, Hobson & Choi novels) and illustrated by new talent Rosie Alexander (Carpe Noctem). It’s the first full-length comic story by both creators, and tackles questions of mortality, coming to terms with hard times and exactly what it’s like to suddenly become a living skeleton. A quirky, funny, unique story, the book features twenty pages of black and white artwork, full-colour front and back covers and an escalating sense of baffled dread.

Read more of Nick’s work at  | Twitter: @NickMB

See more from Rosie at  |  Twitter: @RosielahStudio 


“My name is Anh and I live in East London and I’m a bookbinder and artworker. I make blank notebooks using upcycled materials such as plastic bags, sweet wrappers and offcut papers and boards. I also make zines and upcycled book totes. I basically make very small batches of things and try and use as much waste materials as possible in my creations.


dtm comics

dtm comics is local independent comic creator and publisher.

Started in 2016 dtm comics have exhibited all over South London, mostly in Deptford, Lewisham, Greenwich and New Cross. dtm comics have also exhibited at London Comic Mart, Bradford Print Festival, Liminal festival in conjuncture with Deptford Does Art and Off Hallucinations Festival in Lyon, France.  dtm comics are available across London, the UK, in Europe and Australia.

dtm comics currently has three ongoing series: Mimesis is a modern, fairy-tale thriller true story. Hospiprison! Is a humorous cancer diary and Coup d’état is a political pamphlet of action and art. The Alleyways of Lewisham is a collaboration with Crooked Tree Theatre, is a new ecomic and coming soon. The aim is to be smart arse, urban, political and counter culture.

Website: | F: DTMComics | 

‘Mimesis. Kingsbury: The Suburban Pantheon.’

Mimesis uses a real everyman suburban town in London to explore the mythology of where we are coming from and asks where we are going.

To decipher confused dreams and subliminal messages Declan returns to his old home town to prevent a mysterious and ominous disaster. By examining folklore, local history and a wide variety of art, politics and literature he seeks to piece the real history together in the face of lies and legends.

Funny, clever and highly contemporary, Mimesis is a London comic for grown ups.

The North of the dtm comics triptych   |    By D Conway     |     Adult content & language.


Travels through the NHS in post Brexit austerity Britain or How to have cancer and not be too much of a dick.

In hospital for cancer treatment. You could watch Homes under the Hammer or you could write a rude diary of the whole thing to keep yourself sane. Careful though, people will ask to read it and it’s not going to be pretty….

“Should be recommended reading for every cancer patient. Turned a sick subject into one long wicked laugh, made even funnier by the brilliant illustrations.” Anon

A new humorous cartoon diary    |     By D Conway    |    Adult content & language.

‘Coup d’état’

A modern comic pamphlet of action and art offering alternative solutions to these testing times. How to start a community game changer, How to help, How to manage work bullshit, How to be part of the essential new narrative, How to start an ethical small business etc…

dtm comics first collaborative political piece.  |    By the Shaboozle collective.